Wednesday, October 20, 2010

our latest two boxes

So while 'surfing blogs when I should have been doing something important like cleaning my disaster of a house or doing coursework for that Masters degree that I'm supposed to be working on hard on,' I came across another cool bloggy site- Pink and Green Mama

And of course I decided right then and there that an ocean box was exactly what I needed to make my kids-but instead of just rocks I'll add gallons of water. And wait if I keep their socks on will that equal washing the floors?

Add colored rocks and shells from the good ole Dollarama, one tube of sea animals, the lego boat, a scuba pirate dude from dollarama, the MickeyD's mermaid, a treasure chest that used to have some sort of hard yucky gum, a $7 plastic bin + 2 kids = so much fun.

But what happens when winter comes? It snows of course! Except this kind is way more fun because it's inside. But it's still fluffy and cold and you can shape it, kinda. And it lasts weeks!

Add some penguins, polar bears, a Reindeer and some Husky dogs and we have winter!

Next up- sand. Yes I'm crazy but crazy is the best kind.

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  1. COOL! I'll have to get over the mess factor amd try this out!