Thursday, November 26, 2009

i should be...

writing my paper. I only need 20 pages of critical reflection and have less than a week left to do it. And my grad school acceptance depends on it.

i should also be cleaning my house. It's a real mess and I mean *real* mess. Some things are growing in here (and I don't mean the kids!)

But instead I'm doing important stuff like harvesting my potato crops in Farmville, updating my blog (that no one reads), and finding cool stuff on etsy and kiiji just because it's fun and not because I need to buy anything else for this too full house.

I need a procrastination intervention!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Challenge #3 and more

It was a productive weekend. Homemade lip balms,scrapbooking, and well- everything except my 20 page paper.

Here is my third challenge for Mission to Create. I used 3 of the 5 prompts this time: 1) Sketch 2) Pink 3) buttons. I'm so glad I got these sweet photos scrapped!

And here's 2 more from my crop night on Friday...

I just love the Walmart parking lot shot. I'm so glad I insisted on bringing the camera even though hubby thought I had lost my marbles. Of course I've lost my marbles!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

It's Christmas over here!

The best part too- the homemade stuff!

I finally finished my Karen Foster advent calendar for the kiddos. Not nearly as fancy smancy as some of the ones I've seen but I know they will love this thing(especially when they realize it will be full of lil things for them). I love starting new traditions with my kids. I wonder what I can put in it when they are 21 and 24? [insert rolling eyes smiley]

You can't tell from the pic but there are A LOT of stickles on there. I <3 stickles! Need to still figure out what I can put in it for baby that she won't want to swallow and choke to death on. But for the boys I picked up micro cars- they don't make Micro Machines anymore so the good santa that I am I searched kijiji, drove to the other side of the city, and picked up a $4 lil bucket full! Santa is really liking kijiji this year (and no santa is not 100% sure how to spell it ;)

I've also been making Christmas presents.Here is something I'm really proud of.....

My first batch of lip balms (vanilla)! Aren't they soo cool? The recipe (flavoring, beeswax, sweet almond oil, cocoa butter, coconut oil, vitamen E oil) was super easy too- I will definitely be making more (okay I am going to make a dozen orange creamsicle before bed!) I also picked up a digital kitchen scale to try my hand at soap (lye)- stay tuned to see if/ when I manage to burn myself or others in the family. :P It'll be the Christmas everyone remembers because their skin was red and raw from their new soap.