Sunday, August 1, 2010

things i love

1. long weekends- especially when they get to start at noon on Friday. The kids & I had a blast at the green shack at the park. I miss the days at as a kid playing with the parks & rec teenager- so fun! Friday we planted stuff and had a water fight, and even learned a new sand tag game that the lil guy didn't quite catch on to (making it extra cute to watch!) We played until lil girl pooped and thus ruined the party (haha- had no diaper bag so we had no choice to go home).

2. chai tea lattes for my Tassimo- yum!!!!!

3. going down lbs on the scale without effort- A++. It seems I go up the scale without much effort so this was much better. When I told dh he replied back "I thought you looked like you lost weight." haha nice try buddy. You got your new iphone toy so leave me alone :P

4. scrapbooking! I made a page last night! (and yes I should be doing an online module for school which is why scrapbooking seemed *very* appealing last night! But regardless of why, I remembered that I miss my paper and glue!)

5.Day trips with the family. We're going to a brand-new dinosaur park today where the dinos are lifesize and robotic. I mean how much cooler can you get? (I think I am the most excited). Plus I need to put my dino stamps to use (see #4).

6. etsy! Seriously can this site be any cooler? In the last week I've ordered a cool Superman/Batman cape, 10 blank capes and 10 blank masks for the big superhero party (did I mention the girls get pink and purple?). I need to hook my paypal up to my bank account because this could get dangerous on the ole credit card!

7. conversations with an almost-5 year old:

mommy: I don't want you to turn 5 because then you won't want to sleep in my bed anymore

superhero: I promise to sleep in your bed. Even when I'm an adult.

mommy: I don't believe you.

superhero: I promise I will pee in your bed forever. yeah.

(okay not sounding so cute anymore, forgot about that part. Moms always forgot "that" part- but I won't because it's gotta go on a layout now!).

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  1. Great list of favs!! Now you have to post your fabulous LO that kept you from school! :)