Saturday, July 2, 2011

Project #6: Mom, my babies need a bed

Just sharing this easy idea- a $4 wooden cd crate makes the perfect cradle for small dolls. She painted this all by herself so it makes it even more special (and it now has a permanent place on her bed). Her monkey babies also needed food so we took a little doll bowl, printed a clipart picture of banannas, and used epoxy glue and some yellow stickles to make it look extra special.

Anyone remember the monchhichi's? (the biggest draw of course for a 3-year old baby/ princess obsessed little girl is their 'ba-ba's' are permanently attached to their hand) We've been watching a lot of youtube tv epidodes lately. There were only a few (really bad quality) Monchhichi shows but her auntie passed on an old Sailor Moon plush backpack and now we know all the songs....

Fighting evil by moonlight
Winning love by daylight
Never running from a real fight
She is the one named Sailor Moon!