Sunday, October 24, 2010

now I know my ABCs

Sometimes I have troubles matching my ABC's with the sounds so it's nice to have visual cues to help me out. :) Plus it's a great tool for speech therapy.

Here's how you can make your own ABC box:

1) Steal the original idea from someone else's blog

2) Spend $10.79 (on sale) at Canadian Tire for a box meant to hold nails/ screws

3) Spend another $1.50 for some letter stickers- epoxy them on with Glossy Accents so they don't keep falling off

4) Go digging for what is now being referred to in my house as "small stuff" (most of this we already had although I did spent about $5 at the $ store). Actually we've been talking about this 'small stuff' since last Wednesday- the little guy is coming up with ideas non-stop (yep I'm good) and keeps talking about letters (big mommy point for me!) For some of the harder letters we used clipart because no matter how hard we searched there were no mini YAKs or OSTRICHs to be found in this house :) I'd love to pick up a little laminator so they last a little while longer. We also added some magnetic letters (another $1.50 purchase) but I'd love to find some smaller case alphas to add as well. I tried raiding my scrap stash but it's already been ransacked (evidently I scrap too much). This might help encourage him to use smaller-case when he is writing (he still insists capital letters are the ONLY way to spell his name (even had a long "discussion" with his teacher about it on the first day of K!)

5) Fill boxes!!!

B- bandaid, bucket, butterfly, bat, button, barrel
C- cow, card, crayon, car, cake, cup
W- wheel, whale, worker, window
P- princess, plate, parrot, popsciel, pumpkin, penny, pirate, paperclip, pig
D- dog, donkey, dino, duck, donut

A- alligator, ants, axe, acorn, army guy
L- lizard, ladybug, lego, lion
H- heart, hat, horse, house
R- raft, take, rock, rooster, ring
T- truck, tiger, tree, turtle, tanl

And in case you want to make your own, here's some ideas for the harder ones (= lotas clip art).

E- eraser, earth, elephant, eight, eskimo, envelope, ear
I- icecream, icecube, iceskate, insect, igloo
J- jack, jet, jam, jacket, jaguar
K- key, king, kettle, karate, kiss, kite, kangaroo
N- nail, nailpolish, nest, neckllace
0- orange, octupus, olive, otter, ostrich
Q- queen, question (mark), quarter, quilt, quill
U- umbrella, umpire, unicorn
V- violin, van, vaccum, valentine,
X- xray, xylophone, x-men (lol),
Y- yoyo, yak, yellow, yarn
Z- zoo, zebra, zero, zombie

It's a great tool for the little man and will get lots of use with the little one too. She already sings the song :)


  1. HA! I saw that one too and wanted to make one myself...thanks for the link, she's got an awesome blog and I'm totally making those little pinecone elves this year.

  2. This is an awesome learning tool!!!!

  3. This is awesome Jess!! Definitely an exellent way to not only learn the ABC's but to learn what starts with what and sounds.