Sunday, October 31, 2010

Our Saturday

I came across this post on Friday night and showed it to my little guy. Of course that started his 'talking-a-million-miles-a-minute-about-his-ideas' thing that he has been doing lately- so cute and proof I am definitely helping nurture his creativity. Well usually cute except when it's 7am on a workday when I'm trying to get ready and he follows me from each room of the house listing all his ideas. Of course I knew what we'd be doing on Saturday and it fit well with the halloween weekend too (not to mention mommy needing to be close to the computer to finish her assignment and presentation).

One can of $7 silver spray paint from Home Depot, 2 boxes, and some printable gauges and dials (thanks clipart!) and viola- 2 homemade robots.

The little one has an extra cute robotic voice "I.. am.. a... robot... I.. am.. a.. robot...."

While we were waiting for the paint to dry we took out the collections of cute Mickey Mouse paint chips we also grabbed (free!) and made some color books. I cut out chipboard pieces for the front and back and used eyelets and ribbons to hold them together. For the little guys book we wrote the names of each color so he can see the spelling of each word (since he thankfully knows all his colors of course)

Nana also surprised us with some cool halloween foam kits for the kids. We tried out best to put them together (@#$$#!!!) and when that didn't work we resorted to gluing the pieces down to construction paper and letting the kids decorate. When we were all finished I cut the leftover pieces into shapes and they spent 45 minutes having a late night Saturday bath before bed building more robots. See this post and prepare to be amazed. We were! So much that we spent Sunday afternoon before trick-or-treating in the bath again with more foam pieces (dug out some foam packs I had picked up from the dollar store). No fancy cutting here- just basic geometric shapes turned robot and alien monsters and obstacle courses.

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  1. Those are the cutest robots I've ever seen. You are the coolest mom ever!!!!