Sunday, June 20, 2010

Look out Fisher Price!

How cute are these?

from l to r- my little boy (he likes the monster t-shirt), my little girl, me (can you see the resemblence?), not sure, baby girls best friend, not sure

I rediscovered a post on Jenn's blog and thought wow those would be some cute homemade Little People! So off to Michael's we went because of course when I get something in my head I need to make it make it happen, NOW! We found the heads with the faces prepainted (I just did the hair!) and then we found wooden spools that we painted then modge podged with scrap patterned papers (because of course I have more than enough scrap paper to make as many little People as there are people in North America).

The little girl thinks they are very pretty. :P

While we were in the wood section we also found a whole bunch of little wooden blocks in a package for about $3 (= SCORE!). After gluing them into different sized buildings both kiddos had fun painting them up and then I did the final touches. To make it easier I used blank label stickers from the $ store to make the windows and doors. Our town is complete with a pizza place, 7-11, apartment building, houses, police station and school.

A black foam board ($2 at Walmart) and some crayons and voila- our own little city for the lil guys collection of micro cars!!!!

We also bought road sign stickers (Dollarama is our friend) but we still need to pick up toothpicks so we can push them into the foam and make our city roads more authentic (may have to use a pencil and make some potholes too :P) The only thing is missing is a mayor and tax collection.

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