Sunday, June 6, 2010

What did we do this weekend?

My Family from

1) Made this family thing- oh the wonderful things to pass time on the world wide web
2) Felt like crap and missed a girls night out :(
3) Made lots and lots of Pixo creations- the little guy really loves these and mommy does too because they are no mess.
4) cleaned
5) cleaned at the preschool (our cleaning night) = slave labour. 1 million toys + dishwasher = shoot me now.
6) scrapbooked a little bit. I need to keep my sanity somehow!
7) played in the water at the park (It really felt like summer!) and had a little picnic with the family
8) tackled Wal-Mart (needed groceries) and won!
9) time for bed because Monday morning is coming quickly nite!

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