Sunday, June 26, 2011

Project #4: our very own dinosaur suitcase

Yep I am getting very behind on my 52 projects goal- or at least posting them anyways :)

We actually completed this one last month. I stole the original idea for a dinosaur suitcase from this blog. If you want a tutorial check it out!

I had planned on doing this at Christmas but ran out of time but the thrift store suitcase was waiting for us.

We used a hot chocolate container (volcano), 2 boxes from the recycling (caves), and a $6 can of Great Stuff expandable foam.

We prepped the suitcase by painting it brown and once the base was done the kids did all the rest of the grass and lake painting (we were messy a few days in a row!)

The expandable foam was also painted (and to keep it that way we sprayed it with some clear sealant).

The kids also helped with the hot gluing (yes I'm crazy) of the rocks and trees. I started following Teacher Tom's blog and reading more about his projects with hot glue guns and preschoolers. So off to the store we went for some low-temp glue guns.

Most of this stuff we had around the house but we did spend another $10 or so on 'lava' rocks and more trees. So totally cost for this project was about $16.

And of course the best part is it closes together with all the dinos inside!

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