Sunday, May 15, 2011

Project #3- Autograph books

I am so happy to be part of an amazing online community- some of these women I've known for over 5 years now. Lucky for me when Michaels runs out of the supplies I need (lol) other crazy online crafters are there to support my addiction (thanks Dawn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Here are the homemade autograph books for the kids. The cool part is I dusted off my Cricut for this one (you know that cutter that I promised my hubby I'd use all the time because I NEEDED it).

I used a pretty inexpensive 4X6 sketch book and to make the books more durable I laminated each cover and glued it to a piece of cereal box. The cool part is that Alladin commented that "someone did a good job on these" while he was signing (yep I was always a fan of his!)

And guess what, they are now FULL of signatures of all the characters we met!

Thanks Pluto, Mickey, Minnie, Pooh bear, Dora, that guy from Pinnochio that we can't remember the name, all the Princesses, etc.. etc.......................

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