Saturday, May 12, 2012

Project #8: DIY Lego minifig swords

In preparation for my little guy's lego ninjago birthday he decided that weapons for minifigures were a must to go in the favor take-out boxes. Of course like all things Lego these are pretty pricey so we decided to make our own. This project is so easy. One $2.50 container of plastic sword toothpicks (we used the Touch brand) from the grocery store and we were set. To make them minifig size I cut off some of the handle (the plastic cuts surprisingly easy with good scissors). We also trimmed the blade down and reshaped it. So for $2.50 we made 30 new ninja swords that fit perfectly in a minifig hand. They are already great colors but we may spray paint some gold because according to my 6-year this will make them extra powerful. And we are all about that around here. More Lego ninjago posts to come!

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