Tuesday, November 23, 2010

i've created a monster

a craft monster.

Ever since he was super little we've always done crafty stuff. It was always my plan to get him interested in doing projects (preparing for school) and to keep him contained for more than 3 minutes at a time.

But now at 5 he follows me around the house (I can't shake him- seriously I've tried. He even stands outside my door while I'm in the bath) talking non-stop about all his crafty ideas. And he has lots of ideas and talks fast (and the faster he talks the harder he is to understand). He loves making anything (in fact he asked for "science" from Santa). I asked him, what is science? And he said, "you know making stuff and testing stuff".

As I type he's standing next to me holding a chipboard aligator, an acrylic bird, a felt bear sticker, a felt rocket, and a chipboard thing that says 'on cloud 9' and asking me if he can scrapbook.

Like what the heck, (first off where did you find these precious items?). I wanted to get you interested in crafts but NOT scrapbooking. Mommy scrapbooks and doesn't like to share. Can I tell him scrapbooking is only for girls? Just kidding of course.

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