Thursday, April 22, 2010

Now that I'm done school

until September I have a list of projects I'd like to try over the summer. No I'll leave out the renos we SHOULD be doing and the fact cleaning my oven is a project in itself. Actually it's unlikely I will do any of THOSE projects because 1) I'm kind of lazy 2) I'd rather attempt (key word) something crafty 4) play is more fun than work

So here goes my list, in no particular order.

1) make a purse thingy (yes that's what it's called- check out this post and might as well check out the whole cool blog while you are at it)

2) Make some itty bitty cupcakes just because they are itty bitty

3) I bought 50 of these babies and then didn't even try to make one! (yes there's a bit of a pattern here)

4) take scrabble tiles and make jewelry! Seriously want to try this: and make purdy ones like this

5) I saw this project a while ago and I still *love love love* it. It's something I'd do and put away until baby girl is bigger. It reminds me of the cardboard houses my mom made us girls when we were little...

6) I bought a quilt pattern last month on an impulse "I-have-a-1/2 hour-to-spare-before-going-back-to-work-and-the-only-store-close-by-is-a-place-called-quilters-dream". The problem is I can't sew but I don't something like that should stop me from living out the dream ;) I'm thinking pinks and blacks and baby doll size to start

7) scrapbook

8) scrapbook

9) scrapbook

10) Drink a lot at the camp site while reading my books in the hot hot hot sun while relaxing on my lawnchair :)

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