Wednesday, December 30, 2009

a couple of los

from my sweet days off (pink eye, hacking cough and all!). It's back to the grind tomorrow.

The first lo is for 0006 at Mission to Create. I used felt (went out to buy flocking for it too- because I'm dedicated like that!), polka dots, black pen, label stickers (i think these count). I also used all the colors but it really small doses so I'm not sure if that counts.

And finally- a first merry 2009 lo!

I love that Christmas can stay all year if you scrapbook! HO HO HO!


  1. Beautiful pages! Love the bling in the heart and H's face sitting on Santa's knee, poor thing LOL

  2. Great page!! I love that you went out to shop too.. lol We are enablers :)

    THanks so much for playing along!

  3. Small doses doooo!!!
    Totally cute pages and yes your right-we can enjoy xmas all year long :-)

  4. Love the dolly page - I did mine is small doses too as they are all quite contrasting colours. Well done!