Thursday, November 26, 2009

i should be...

writing my paper. I only need 20 pages of critical reflection and have less than a week left to do it. And my grad school acceptance depends on it.

i should also be cleaning my house. It's a real mess and I mean *real* mess. Some things are growing in here (and I don't mean the kids!)

But instead I'm doing important stuff like harvesting my potato crops in Farmville, updating my blog (that no one reads), and finding cool stuff on etsy and kiiji just because it's fun and not because I need to buy anything else for this too full house.

I need a procrastination intervention!


  1. i read it....i'm here...i'm
    don't always comment though.. i am a bad bad blog buddie ;)

    i do the same thing...i have 50+ dresses i need to sew up before saturday and instead i am wasting away at work and reading blogs...go figure {deep sigh}