Thursday, October 29, 2009

dinosaur island!

Okay I have to post this project from last weeekend because well, it's the coolest thing we have ever done and it so deserves it's own blog post. In fact it was so cool and amazing that, at the end of the day before bed, my little guy SOBBED in my arms when it to be taken apart.

Yes kids sobbing shouldn't be a happy thing but it made it all worth it.

It started with this post from a crazy, amazing mom who is now on my blog stalking list.

And here's what we did.

First we used recylables including a pizza box with a pyrex dish cut into it and lots of tin foil (I ended hot gluing some of the boxes and tinfoil together to help make it a solid unit)

And a million (emphasis on a million) homemade playdough batches later and it became this:

It took us a couple days to prepare for this project- making the playdough, finding everything we needed. I had the little guy SO into it. One night we went "rock hunting" around the neighborhood to find all the best rocks. We found the ants and spiders at the dollar store (perfect timing with Halloween!) We used every lego plant, bush, snake, and shark we could find. The ferns and plants were another sweet dollar store find that were easily cut to the right height.

The lake was a big hit, especially with the baby, and the blue food color made it that much cooler. It got pretty slimey at the end of the day but I was impressed everything stayed together pretty well. If it wasn't in the middle of my diningroom table and if I wasn't worried about water damage I would have left it a few days even though it was drying out to let them have more play out of it.

Did I mention LOTS of homemade playdough batches?

And the coolest part yet that made the boys FREAK

Daddy got in on the fun too :) Daddys pretty cool, but not as cool as mommy.

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